Have we ever motivated ourselves?

Social interaction is one of the essential needs of almost everyone. Conversation, dialogue, negotiation and interaction not only help in building relationship in society but it even to an extent helps in defusing the problems too. It is often seen that whenever one finds oneself in trouble he starts searching out someone whome he could talk about his problems having thought that the dialogue may probably make a solution of the problems. In fact, dialogue is one of the most significant tools to alleviate the impasse.Communication not only helps in reducing the impact of the problems rather it can even shoo  away the problems to a great extent. 

Ask yourself about the solution -

Problems and difficulties are inseperable part of everyone's life. No one can run away from the fact of their presence as well as their impacts on everyones life. As long as we are parts of the system these will persist with us. This is also a reality that sometimes the problems which we have to face are self generated which emerge either because of our indifferent attitude and sometimes time and circumstances put us in trouble. In fact the difficulties never remain permanent rather they keep coming in and after leaving their impact they also move away because problems also comes along with their own solutions.If we keep concentrating only on the difficulties we will keep plunging deep ourselves consequently we could not figure out the exact solution that lied somewhere within it. Each of us has ability to shoo the problem away provided that we contemplate and concentrate on figuring out the way out. 

Talk yourself about the reason of unrest -

We need social interaction because the system we live in emphasises on inter dependency. Inter dependency does not confine to personal level rather it is on social and even at national and international level too. Infact, this is one of the significant characteristics of the system we live in. This is also undeniable fact that circumstances and the time sometimes compel us to have talk with ourselves specifically whenever we find personal unrest, social unrest, unrest at country as well as international level. 

Listen yourself just like listening in group. 

Have we ever thought of talking ourselves about personal, social, national as well globally ? Infact, when one goes through an inner unrest one is compelled to talk to oneself. When we find unrest brewing in society, we starts talking at social level within society. Similarly a country also sometimes starts talking with itself if it finds in s state where there is possibility of impending chaos. 

Talk to yourself in order boost up your waning level of confidence -

Our inner unrest can be sorted out only at individual level having started a self talk through incorporating the elements which are causing of inner unrest. Similarly, social unrest may also be sorted out by participation of all section of people living in society. But When unrest starts in country it becomes not only responsibility of the country but of all the citizens to introspect and talk to themselves. Things around us keep changing on every passing moment hence accordingly our way of talking to ourselves also keep changing. 

When we discuss about self talking. It includes every aspects right from our weakness, our shortcomings, our level of confidence, our beliefs and disbelief, our trust and distrust, our anticipation, our suspicion, our positive attitude as well as negative impacts and so on. In fact solution of all problems are lied in self talking provided that we incorporate and put all the internal and external factors before us. In fact sometimes we need to discuss the issues with others and sometimes we are compelled to talk to ourselves in solitude too. The way others can pinpoint the reasons and remedy of trouble, our talk with ourselves can also figure out the reasons and suggest the ways of sorting them out in order to calm our mind. Craig Bruce said 'When you talk to yourself, at least you know that someone is listening'. 
Motivational Talk

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