Loneliness is the best time of introspection

Almost all of us  in our lives must have gone through the phases of loneliness. Infact even social interaction at some point of time does not compensate or cater to the demands of state of loneliness specifically when things dont go as per plan and thinking. Sometimes, some of us have  to face loneliness when things do not go in accordance with the plan or they fed up with static situation or monotony lives. Hence in such circumstances sometimes person is compelled to take a little time out of his life schedule and concentrate on the areas where he did not not concentrate before. 

Loneliness - one of the best time to concentrate -

Some of us try to seek new avenues during the period of loneliness that give them a sort of  satisfaction.When some of us fail to get true peace in their respective ares resort to loneliness. Some of us utilise the loneliness for the purpose of thinking and overthinking. Some of us even try to connect string of his specific thinking towards an unknown power where solution of all the worldly puzzles are present. Some of us like loneliness in order to tranquilize themselves through not indulging in any types of thought and concentration. Some of us are even called crazy because of adopting loneliness. Infact such kind of people abstains themselves from indulging in those types of social affairs wherein they  might be made a real mad. At some point time, for some of us loneliness helps in sorting out the problems when a person finds himself in a state of imbroglio. Sometimes loneliness proves itself to be a source of solution of many problems. 

Time to introspect -

At some point of time in life, some of us are compelled to spend their precious times alone in order to introspect themselves. To some of us, living alone reflect their despondency and depression and for some of us they get positive energy being alone. Sometimes a person is forced to distance himself away from the society  to remain alone. Even though from social point of view loneliness reflects negativity, anxiety and despondency but John Stiennbeck  says 'All great and precious things are lonely'.

Time to make plan and strategy -

Loneliness wakes up and compels to think about the causes and the results one has gone through. We may make plan for future course of our action. It also opens our eyes in ascertaining our position in surroundings.
Time to make plan and strategy -

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