Our own acts decide destiny of life

The thing which is going to be discussed here is neither it is a view nor an an unheard thought but it is reality of everyone's life. Infact, the word journey in itself defines that it is associated with the life of every one wherein difficulties, problems are its integral part. Although It doesn't mean that journey doesn't give space to the moment of happiness and pleasure in its periphery. The way cool breeze and heatwave,spring and autumn,sunny and rainy days are parts of our ecosystem. Similarly ups and down,happiness and sadness are parts of the system of life. 

That is why we may say that a person's journey on the planet will remain continue as long as our ecosystem continues. When we talk about climate change, things which immediately comes into our mind is the ecosystem. We witness so many diseases, natural calamities and disaster in our surroundings which are obvious consequence of adverse effect in the ecosystem. Infact, main reasons of destruction of ecosystem are human's unfriendly behavior towards the system of nature. In short, ecosystem does not destroy itself rather there exist other external factors which actually causes of it's decay. 

Hence we come on conclusion that human's journey of life are effected only when the forces which are exist in surroundings interfere in system of person's life both physically and intangibly. Sometimes we are demoralised, sometimes we are motivated, sometimes we are even pressurised to adopt the things which are even contrary to the system. In short, it is all the result of human's behaviour which keep effecting life of other person and ultimately leave an impact on journey of life as a whole. 

As we know that journey of life is not always straight and smooth rather it is too rough too.Hence things which we need to do is to take step cautiously having thought that the factors which have potential to destroy the system of life both physically and intangibly exist in the same surroundings we live in. When we say that we are responsible for what we do. It does not mean we are self responsible for the situation we pass through but the people around us also sometimes becomes instrumental in bringing us to a situation where smooth sailing of life seems to be tough. Hence it is clear that ecosystem of planet does not causes of it's self destruction rather external forces causes of its decay. Infact, the way out of making journey of life smooth is to first identify and figure out the impediments, the things which cause of hurdle and impeding the journey through getting ourselves ready having sidestepped from those impediments or face them bravely. Infact, the things which we say impediments, hurdles often subdue our thinking capacity which results in effecting system and changes in behavior. When the system of life gets effected its consequences we see in our behavior towards fellow human beings as well as towards society.
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