Problems and difficulties make a person strong

When we analyse about our past activities of our lives we have to somewhere self admit the guilt which advertently or inadvertently might have occured during some point of time. In other words, guilt is infact a result of our mistakes we usually keep doing in our daily lives. Infact, mistake is a testimony of being human. That is why it is said ' to err is human.' Hence when mistake is natural and  a spontaneous  act then how can we refute the guilt. Sometimes our mistakes cause of hurting to someone and sometimes gravity of mistake is so severe that we begin to realise as if we have caused of perpetrating a big guilt. 

Need to create mindset of forgiving-

When a person hurts  himself or others by committing a mistake he somehow forgives himself but when a person causes of hurting others then he similarly expects same forgiveness from other side but it doesn't happen. Infact, a feeling of revenge develops inside other just as we dont forgive others if someone causes of hurting to us. Infact, we need to develop a mindset of forgiveness  in order to get everlasting happiness. 

The way 'to err is human' similarly ' forgiveness is also one of human's natural traits. Everyone has his  own perspective about the world and the incidents which keep occuring in everyones life. Even though noone can be forgiver like God but we can definitely make god happy having followed what god directs  us to do.

Although it is easy to say  but it is difficult to do. In fact, we can not only please god by forgiving others for their mistakes rather we can also please ourselves by forgiving thereby we can  get blessings of god too. 

Since we can not stop doing mistake as it is natural but we can do at least  to express regret for our act and can make commitment to ourselves for not repeating the same mistakes. In fact confession of the guilt and act of regretting of past deed teach  us as how can we change our future behavior. Although we can not be  as generous as god as far as forgiving other is concerned, notwithstanding  we can at least bring changes in our life as well as in the lives of others with the inclusion of a little sense of forgiveness inside us. 

Vengeance is also type of mistake

Infact, thought of vengeance against others also reflects one of the cruel sides of a person. Ego is in human's nature and sense of vengeance is undoubtedly a result of sufferings and exploitation. Problems and difficulties in fact make a person strong and inspire him to respond in the same manner in response to the mistake which causes of his sufferings. As a matter of fact, vengeance is also a sort of mistake which have enough potential to continue vitiating our surroundings. Even though we can not cease urge for revenge completely but we can in a way contemplate about the dire consequences of it. We may take into consideration of good and bad consequence of mistake, forgiveness and the regrets. In short if we may not completely uproot the urge for revenge then we can at least reduce it from us to a large extent. 

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