In search of peace of mind

Problem in our lives starts only when our requirements and ambitions starts getting increased and in pursuit of achieving those requirement we forget to keep up the patience perseverance, struggle and consistency. In fact we can not turn our face away from the problems if we literally want to live in surroundings and to accomplish what we want in society. Infact, main reason of growing requirement is our social compulsion which compels us to have desire and aspiration that is why even after knowing that a lot of problems may have to be faced noone forsakes his struggle to achieve those desire. All of us persist in achieving our  worldly goal.Hence those who have no worldly need usually ostracize themselves from the society. Apart from worldly need we also struggle for our social needs. Infact, things for which we keep trying to get for ourselves are available in the surroundings what are not available in the surroundings are perspicacity, passion and the efforts and foremost thing is our perseverance. 

We usually infuse our all energy in our effort to attain our worldly requirement which eventually lead us to loose our peace of mind because everyone of us all the time  keep thinking about as to how to achieve our targetted goal by hook or crook in the surroundings. Hence in the process of getting worldly need we also start creating friends as well as foes  in our surroundings.Hence, in this situation, a sort of resentment, grievances, hatred, misgivings, stress etc starts developing in side each of us. since we all have the same requirements what others have in the surroundings. Hence, whenever we find ourselves in problems and difficulties we start searching for the persons who could help in imparting peace to our mind. We start looking out for the right persons who can solve our problems and release our stress. Therefore we keep applying various method in order to release our stress since the persons can not help in getting stress released because everyone is in the race of attaining worldly need and passing through same state. Counsellor, psychiatrist, consultants, well wishers do exist in surroundings who may assert in solving the problems but reality is that those who assert to solve the difficulties have their own worldly need and have their own vested interest. Hence, only one invisible entity which can provide peace of mind is the almighty who is omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, omnibenevolent who does not have any specific worldly needs, his only concern is as to how to provide peace, tranquility and satisfaction to his creatures. 

Hence, whenever we go through the phase when we need to release our stress and we are in search of true peace of mind we need to take a little time out of the social hustle bustle, recollect our all grievances, anger, difficulties and suffering and put all these things before an invisible power having believed that true peace of mind we can get from here only. Fact of the matter is that we can not abandon our worldly requirement albeit we may reduce them to an extent from society wherein abandoning our worldly aspiration is not possible. Hence, if we are unable to quit the things which give birth to distress and that snatches away our peace of mind we may at least de stress ourselves by appearing before invisible almighty having thrown out before him all the negativity which have been germinating in our mind. We may get peace of mind only when we have true dedication the way we dedicate ourselves in achieving our worldly needs. 

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