Everyone must have a clear vision in life

The way almighty must have been having specific objective and goals behind creation of universe. Similarly he must have also been having a specific vision in advance before creating all the creatures on the planet. He must have envisioned while making the system as to how will it be run by the creatures particularly by humans being. Almighty perhaps knew that a group of human beings would raise questions over the efficacy of the divine system and would express their unacceptance that is why almighty had shared a bit proportion of it's trait among almost the all human beings so that they could make their own choices and make their own way of life, spend their lives as per their own wishes. 

What is the definition of vision? Vision can be defined as 'ones capability to envisage the future plan with the application of ones wisdom and imagination.' Infact, everyone of us has his own capability to think and imagine the things and the situation as per his wisdom. Besides that, way of thinking of a person keeps changing with the changing circumstances which continues helping in shaping the vision what one makes for oneself.Everyone may shape his own vision with the help of existing resources, wisdom and his imagination. People who we call a successful and achiever hence whatsoever they achieve in their lives are infact the result of their imagination and the plan they had for themselves. Although definition of success and achievement varies from person to person. 

Fact of the matter is that those who are rudderless or in other words become rudderless have no place anywhere. Such type of people keep wandering here and there and are eventually end their lives with the tag of  loser. Stephen Richards said "You are essentially who you create yourself to be and all that occurs in your life is the result of your own making.” We hear people saying fortune favours the brave hence fact is that those who are brave have clear vision and therefore continue striving to shape their visions and ultimately accomplish them accordingly. 

What is a vision of life ? In simple words, planning and imagining about personal as well as as about profession can he called ' vision of one's life'. Infact personal life pertains to way of living and a specific thought one has about the life. On the other hand,  professional life is one of the tools to materialize the vision what one has about personal life. Vision of personal life pertains to our physical well being, our standard of living, enjoyment at leisure time, social recognition and the things which could solace our restless mind. On the other hand, our professional vision pertains to the career, our plan to be financial independent and to create a niche and status as successful professional. Infact we need to have clear vision about both personal as well as professional life so that we could concentrate ourselves in making efforts in shaping the vision and strive accordingly to materialize them.Chaz Palminteri said "The saddest thing in life is wasted talent and the choices you make will shape your life forever"

In order to execute and materialize ones vision one gets to analyse ones own shortcomings, resources, ones firmed belief in vision, trust in ones own ability, level of self confidence and above all is sticking to the goal. Infact consistency plays major role in the execution of the vision whatsoever one set for oneself. Most of us usually dont  have any clear long term planning and imagination as far as their personal and professional goal are concerned. If we ignore to plan and visualise about our personal career gaol we will have to keep wandering whole life and eventually loser tag is attached. Our wrong decision, our lack of clear planning and apathy towards the career's journey make our life unstable and insecure. Eleaner Roosewelt has rightly said ' In the long run, we shape our lives, we shape our ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility'. 
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