Motivate yourself by connecting to god

There are various sources of getting positive energy from the surroundings. We usually keep figuring out the elements which could help us in being motivated. Sometimes, we need to go under shelter of invisible power wherein we could find hope and energy to start a new beginning.We may motivate ourselves by connecting to God along with having posing few questions before us. 

What is ultimate goal of life -

What does God want us to do? Why humans were created on the planet? What type of works god wants to get done from human beings? What is the ultimate goal of a human being in the world? Are the supplicating, thanksgiving, praying, asking for help and bowing down to forgiveness only objective of our life ? Are these only way  to please the God and the only way to get his blessings? Are our godly behavior and prayers are sufficient to please God? 

Be sincere towards our duties -

Infact, taking good care of yourselves and looking after others are the two main tasks which God has assigned for each of us and he expects from each of us on the planet to carry out those tasks properly. Infact God wants each of us to be selfish but not to be cruel to fellow human beings. God does not want that man made system overlap the divine system what God made for all the creature on the planet. God had made night and day and defined clearly what to do in night and in the day. 

Don't go against the rule book of nature -

Infact we are doing just contrary to the system of nature. That is why we are having to see chaos, anarchy everywhere.We have turned night into day, our activities of night are becoming same as the day that is why we are unable to achieve not only desired result what we make for the day but even it goes against the will and rulebook of the system of nature. Since we are going against the divine system that is why not only our life expectancy is going down but life of the planet is also getting reduced day by day. 

Concentrate on responsibilities -

God wants us to concentrate on our responsibilities which could help in bringing wellbeing of everyone. God wants us to serve ourselves which indirectly could help in smooth functioning of the system. Hence every creature on earth has been made for the benefits of each other. Question rises how could we serve ourselves on an individual level and could be helpful in serving to others? Infact, our every positive and honest steps that we take in morning till the night are like serving  not only to ourselves but for the whole humanity. God wants us to perform our duties honestly according to the defined rules of the system. Getting up early morning, prepare ourselves for the goal what we have set for the day and carry out those goal properly are what God expect from each of us. 

Performing keep us motivated -

God has to run the  world that is why HE made the all the creatures in order to utilise them accordingly. Hence God wants everyone to perform his duties punctually according to the daily routine work. Our every honest step is infact a tantamount of prayer. Visiting place of worship is not only godly behavior but performing our worldly duty is also means of make to creator happy thereby we could not only get His blessings but even can keep us motivated in order to get fruitful result. 

Will employer get happy If an employee keeps praising the employer most of the time in office? Never. An employer hires a person to to get his work done since he has to run targetted business hence an employee may have to bear the brunt and even he may be fired if he fails to perform his assigned task. Infact all human beings are like an employees in the world we are  here to perform our duties instead of just keep praising, supplicating, before the employer/god.
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