Tips for getting happiness

Each moment of your life is adorable, important and precious. In stead of searching for moment of happiness , you should enjoy each and every moment of your life wholeheartedly having known that happiness is ephemeral. Happiness is a type of specific blessings by system of nature which keep visiting in everyone's life who believe in themselves and in their efforts. You are always blessed with happiness in form of different type of opportunities provided that you stick to your objective and remain seeker of happiness. Some of the strugglers because of their wisdom immediately grab the opportunities which you may say happiness. On the other side, some of you wait for a better opportunity, bigger happiness. System of nature is that it does not disappoint anyone, rather, those who wait for bigger happiness, are also imparted big opportunity provided that they are consistent in their target, with the same zeal and enthusiasm. 

Why is happiness is short lived ?
The thing which we say happiness is ephemeral. hence it does not stay for a longer period of time with anyone. Why is happiness short lived in nature? Because the size of our desires get bigger with the passage of time hence happiness finds itself shrink, happiness begins to feel itself suffocated inside human's desire that is why it wants to immediately leave the place where in earlier it had chosen to reside in. It is also a reality that moment of  happiness with the change of its face again knocks at some point of time in everyone's life but it depends on how do  we exert. 

Believe in "Keep going and keep doing" 

As you know that life is a beautiful gift of system of nature hence entertaining and enjoying every moment of life is no less than a happiness.What we say happiness and for which we continue struggling is infact a kind of bonus and incentive which the system, in which we live, keep imparting to us. Real happiness lies in your struggle.The more you keep doing the things in order to get what you set for yourself the more you have chances of getting happiness. Happines is infact concealed in your action, those acts which may give satisfaction and ultimately a great amount of happiness. Infact what you say happiness is infact success, achievement,opportunities or in other words you may say 'accomplishment of an objective'. Even accomplishment of a goal is ephemeral because you keep setting new goals in your life. It is also a kind of happiness when you preserve what you accomplish and follow the attitude of 'keep going and keep doing'. 

Cherish every moments of life -

Living the moment is in itself a kind of happiness since it is nature's beautiful gift. You should cherish the moments of lives and enjoy whatever you can do for yourself to make your happy, share the moments of your life with the others, enjoy whatever responsibilities assigned to you by system you are living in, enjoy the work you love to do and foremost thing is that you should always remain positive. 

Life is too beautiful -

Life is too short and too beautiful. Enjoy the moment whole heartedly. Never pursue the things which you say  happiness rather you need to do what you like the most since happiness is hidden there only.

The happiness is reward of your hard word,your efforts. You may have feeling of happiness on your every honest and positive act and this is a kind of eternal happiness. on the other side the happiness which you keep searching is short-lived.

Tips of getting happiness

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