One foot should be on accelerator and other should be on brake

Almost all of us agree on it that too much of anything is  bad. We sometimes let loose ourselves to such an extent that we fail to control ourselves and later it becomes difficult to bring balance. It is an undeniable truth that a balanced life is the best life. Balanced life means that we should maintain balance in our every acts of our lives whether it is diet, work, entertainment, talk or any any personal requirements. But fact is that we are unable to do so. Consequently we have to come across a lot of impediments in the smooth journey hence we have to often regret for our unbridled attitude.

Spontaneity while talking -

It is true that our acts are responsible for what we face but sometimes our actions or say steps are spontaneous and sometimes we do them willingly. Things which we do willingly may be a well thought move from ourselves although how much wisdom has been applied before taking action is different thing. On the other side sometimes some of the steps are taken by us spontaneously. Things which we say spontaneous may be consequence of system of nature where an unknown power ceases thinking capability. Although sometimes  steps which we take willingly  prove to be a mistake. Consequently we have to regret for our acts. On the other side sometimes steps are taken unconsciously. Hence the steps which are taken unconsciously are part of the system of nature where sometimes things gets beyond our control and we keep flowing without thinking about the consequence. 

Silence also conveys a message -

Talk is infact a group of words containing messages and information which oozes out through the sound. On the other side silence is just opposite of the sound. Nevertheless both the silence and the sound play significant role  in everyone's life. There are various ways of conveying messages hence talk is supposed to be one of the medium where one conveys ones ideas, feeling and expression in words. Talkative who talks too much is always blamed for his nonsensical talk because people say they use less brain while talking. Too much Talkative is infact spontaneous by nature and the spontaneity perhaps does not let them use their brains. To remain silence or shutting the mouth is also kind of medium of expression for those who want  to convey the message hence some of us keep mum therefore such kind of people are termed wise. There is a saying that silence speaks louder than words. 

Utilisation of accelerator and brake -

life is just like a vehicle. We are drivers of our own vehicles. Almighty has given wisdom to all of us as to how to drive the vehicles of our lives. The way drivers of vehicles use accelerator and brake in order to control the speed of vehicle. Similarly everyone of us needs to keep one foot on the accelerator and another on the brake in order to control the vehicle of our lives. Even slight distraction may cause of an accident  and destruction of the vehicle. Our one foot should be on accelerator ( talk) and other should be on brake (brain). We need to use both accelerator and brake as per the requirement of  time and  circumstances. Sometimes we forget to use a brake while talking hence this flow of talking causes of an accident. 

Broad mindedness while talking -

Talking wisely means use of brain appropriately. Spontaneity in talk does not mean that one does not use ones brain but flow of talk gets so much speed that even use of brake sometimes is not able to control the vehicle. Accidents during journey are normal on high way. We keep striving to make highway spacious owing to increasing number of vehicles so that drivers who believe in  speed and sometimes do rash driving could reach their destination safely. Similarly highway of our mind and heart should also be spacious enough to bear the flow of talk of others even if too much  talk of others apparently look to be harsh, mindless, offensive and meaningless. 

Balance while conversing -

Spontaneity and flow in talk sometimes is natural and sometimes situation forces a person to let him flow in spite of having known about the repercussion. Too much of any thing sometimes may become hazardous and it snatches peace from inside. That is why we emphasise on balanced diet because balanced diet not only protect, energize but even helps in growth of the body. We must have passion for what we would like to be, or what we would like to achieve. But as far as talk is concerned, some of us fall prey of manic talk and this is what may be called natural. Hence in such situation brake is very much required if not by self then at least it get necessary that other make us aware about the impact so that vehicle of life could run rightly and on the right path. 

Silence reflects state of mind

Almighty has imparted tongue, words, medium etc to express our feelings, emotions, ideas, information etc hence the place of silence is not as important as talk as far as conveying message is concerned. In fact silence is a kind of gesture which may also carry what words can do. Hence sometimes we also have to use a gesture to express the things. As a matter of fact, silence may prove to be one of the best gestures to control our unbridled talk. In other words, shuting ones mouth may be one of the best strategies of controlling the vehicle of life for those who are loquacious. Silence sometimes works like a brain, sometimes it works like a brake for the vehicle of life. In short we need to have silence like a weapon if our talks go directionless, meaningless.  

In fact some are in born talkative and some are forced by the situation to be loquacious. Those who are inborn talkative may be pardonable since too much talk is in their nature hence such kind of people perhaps may use little brain while talking perhaps their brain and whatever wisdom he has, is concealed in that very unbridled talk. They don't care of appropriateness and meaningfulness of talk they just keep flowing hence such kind of personality often face negative backlash in their lives. Infact such kind of people need to have one foot on brake. Some of us talk intelligently using their brains thereby they succeed in bringing balance in course of the talk hence chances of negative backlash due to the talk gets lesser. One foot on brake though also becomes essential for such type of people who are apparently loquacious. In short, we all need to have our feet on both one on accelerator and one on brake. We all need to also understand the significance of keeping mum in course of talking. 
Silence sometimes is the best answer

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