Utilisation of free time for stay motivated

With the acknowledgement of the fact that time is the most precious thing in everyone's life we have to also accept the truth that spare time is no less  precious than the rest of allocated time in our life. We usually divide our time into three areas  such as family life, social life and professional life but the thing which has more significant place in ones life is take out a valuable time for oneself. A moment of time which not only invigorates our exhausted mind but even pacify ones restlessness. Infact ones mind and heart also requires that quality time which could help in releasing pressure from family, social and professional life. 

We spend most of our time on family, social and professional matter. There is also an area in our life which needs our specific attention and love the way we usually give our precious time in other walks of life. We often get so much engrossed in day to day activities of life so much that we forget to take some time for us out of our busy workloads. 

Time to charge up tired mind -

All of us have  spare time in our life but most of us don't know how to utilise those leisure time and just keep wasting the time having thought it has no no value. Fact is that this is the most precious time of ones life as during this very time everyone has freedom to think, everyone is free to  create without any pressure and he can spend his time without the pressure of any side. And foremost thing is that everyone can give rest to his brain and let it free to choose what it likes best for itself. Infact no time is spare time rather one of the most important time of ones life is called a spare time  wherein one can reinvigorate ones tired mind through choosing the act what one likes most. 

A time for introspection -

Everyone has his own choice in ones life. Everyone of us has his own way of spending the time as per his choice.Some utilise the spare time on creative thinking which he is unable to give at other time. Some use spare time to enjoy the creative things. some of us use the time to review their mistakes and plan to rectify them, some of us enjoy the leisure time by just living in the realm of dream. 

Moment of  rejuvenate -

With the passage of time the sources of spending the time has also changed. Social networking site has been one of the basic tools to spend the leisure time of life apart from other existing resources. Infact, it not only helps in mental growth but it also helps in giving peace and rest to the mind the way our foods, air, water and life style have been determining and helping in our physical growth. Why social networking is getting so important because it provides food for thought to some of us through interaction of different kinds of people the way we need balanced meals for living the life and physical growth of body. 

Time to learn the lesson -

Some of us show the elements of restlessness, impatience, resentment and a bit of regret and happiness etc on specific plateform which we say social networking sites.  Time which we say spare time is infact precious time wherein everyone tries to learn and understand from one another's emotions and feelings, ideas, mentality and the sentiment. sometimes, some of us  get serious towards the utilisation of leisure time for express their constructive creativity but at the same time some of us also succeed in getting some lessons out of these creativity and some of us are mislead by fake and concocted creations through these plateform. Some of us try to make  life of others not only precious by creating entertainment but it also makes their spare time precious since it rejuvenate their dull moment of life. 

Time to share happiness -

Some of us waste our leisure time in bullying, cheating, argument, in discerning the mind of people. On the other side some of us utilise the spare time for creative thinking which could willingly or unwillingly bring both smile and anger on the face of others. Infact primary reason behind the  creations by the creators is to bring smile for themselves only since it gives them happiness since everyone of us has his own like and dislike. 

Most of us utilise most of the time of our life according to the demand of the situation but as far as leisure time is concerned we utilise our spare time only for ourselves. Infact golden time of ones life is that time when one is alone and utilise those moments only for oneself. Infact that spare time then becomes precious when one starts talking with the time which potentially help in bringing a change in the life. 

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