How to live life happily

Is life too short and  too beautiful ? Many think that life is too short and it is too beautiful too. On the other side, some say that life is full of problems and difficulties.Hence, instead of delving deep into finding out the longevity and shortness of life you should try to know as to how to live your life and how to bring joy and happiness in your life. Human's aspiration to live longer is natural as no one knows about the life after the death. Many of you believe that life is one time affair hence it is better to enjoy the life having ignored all the hardship and hurdles. Secondly, shortness of life implies that our physical body is mortal hence even if we are able to live for hundred year or even more it will look shorter. Reality of life is that decay of physical body is inevitable. Hence the things which need to be taken into account is to make the life enjoyable and beautify it's every moment. 

Basic tips for living life -

1. Understand the value of time -: When you say life is too beautiful at the same time you might have also come across with  people who think life a hell. Reality is that only  one thing through which you could turn your hellish life into beautiful one, is to understand the value of time and utilise it properly. Infact time management not only plays a significant role in managing your life but it even makes your life more prosperous as well as more beautiful. You may have to come across with many incidences during the life's journey. Many of you take lesson from the incidences and strive for  proper utilisation of time and some of you just ignore the value of time. Proper utilisation of time means understanding the value of time and utilise every moment of it having thought that the time which goes past does not come back. It is the most precious thing of ones life journey. You may turn your life hell if a slight thought came into our mind that you have plenty of time and things which need to be done now may be done after some time. There is saying ' Time and tide waits for no one' You can never dictate the time if you remain indifferent towards the time. You can dictate the time only when you will be able to understand the value of time and utilise it properly and a time will definitely come when the time will be propitious on you.

2. Make a goal in life -Wasting of time is the worst mistake which one does in ones life. Infact every moment of time is precious. What you need to do is to utilise those previous moments properly in order to achieve your objective. You have your own goals and the those goals changes on different stages of the life. Children have their own objective, Adults make some other goals, Dreams of youths are different and elders have their own wishes. Time does not ignore anyone as it accompanies with all of them so those who understand the value of time, utilise them accordingly. Consequently they achieve their objectives in life. Achieving the goals infact reflects your self satisfaction and self satisfaction is true happiness hence when you feel happy, life looks beautiful from inside and outside,here, there and everywhere. 

3. Self empowerment - Power has its own place in the society. Similarly, the time has its own power and place in everyone's life. If anyone of you ignore the power and value of time you infact make yourself weak and devalue. You have a dream of becoming powerful but you are unaware of the secret of making your place in powerful society. You can succeed in making a place for yourself only when you will be able to understand as to how to use it for getting result oriented goal, a goal that helps in making your personality, satisfaction and happiness in life which ultimately gives you a feeling that life is beautiful. Self empowerment would make a difference in your life. 
Your every action would determine your life, your every indifferent attitude towards time reflects how hell you are going to make to your life. Wastage of the time reflects how are you gnawing your life which could be beautiful and emulative for others. You can never plan for future nor you can attain what you plan if you have  no clear planning about how to utilise the time. 

How to live life happily

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