Positive self talk increases productivity and performance

It shows our positive mindset when say that we may evaluate about ourselves better than those around us. We may be a better critics of ourselves. We may learn better from our mistakes and shortcoming than letting others to teach us. We may admonish ourselves in better way than taking advice by others. We may devise strategy better than others. We may think about ourselves better than others. We may take better decision about ourselves. In fact such things reflects self belief, level of confidence and foremost thing is positive mindset. Infact positive mind has tremendous potential to reduce stress, depression. Positive mind rejuvenate our level of confidence and increase the productivity and performance.In fact,  self talking  is one of the best sources of bringing new energy and  spirit inside a person. 

Benefits of Positive Self -Talk 

Reduce the level of stress and depression -

Going through the stress is normal tendency in today's hustle bustle of life. We often are overcome of negativity that results in creating immense stress in our life and even fall prey of depression. Once we begin self talking and recall the circumstances in order to analyse those moments we succeed to a great extent in reducing the level of stress and evem can come out from the depression provided that we think and observe the things in positive mindset. 

Better way of self motivation -

We need to think positive and tell ourselves that " we could have done better than we did in the past". We can perform better what performed in past'. Infact, we could teach and inspire ourselves by talking positive as if we are teaching someone sitting beside, inside and in front. Self talking is one the best sources of identifying our shortcomings, mistakes and flaws and promise ourselves by rectifying them. We can assure ourselves for better result for ourselves. Once we succeed in convincing ourselves about the issues that is frustrating and disappointing we could easily feel ourselves motivated. 

Convert negative into positive -

Through self talking having pointed out the reasons of not getting desired result we may become positive by incorporating missing elements which made us negative. Our inner voice may figure out and advise us to follow the things which may be helpful in achieving the results. Infact we may easily reduce the negative thinking inside if we talk about the matter which is result oriented. Even if we become negative because of failures we need to listen inner voice that emphasise only on that result that could make us positive. When I say ' I am weak this area of work' my inner voice promptly replies. No, You are not weak rather your approach is wrong'. If we keep saying in ' No' and keep replying in 'Yes' we could convert negative into positive to a great extent. 

Transform ourself as well as our personality -

We may become teacher and motivator of my own through positive self - talk. We can enrich our thought by conversing the things which could bring success in our life. We can impart positive energy in ourselves by talking in a positive way. Positive self- talk works like a motivator that can show the hidden way out of the problems. Self Talk may convert us from pessimistic to optimistic and make easy path to success. 

Feeling of self-satisfaction-

Self talk is a kind of give in state wherein negative and positive talk with each other without the interference from other side. Negative  keeps reminding flaws and shortcomings and inner positivity keeps curtailing the fear of flaws and shortcomings. Self talk keeps removing fear of result and inspire us to prepare for better result that gives satisfaction internally. 

We may take out sometime for conversation with ourselves about our failures and success. We may understand better about ourselves and move to a destination wherein we could make ourselves positive and spread the positive environment in surroundings too. 
Positive self talk increases performance

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