Every moment of life lesson for all

We learn not only from our mistakes rather our every step which we take and observe is a kind of lesson. The steps which we assume error free or whatever the decission which are later proved to be right or wrong teach us as to how should we prepare for our next steps. Our every step whether it is right or wrong paves the way for the decision in future and teach us how to take further steps. In fact, a satisfactory life is not possible if we keep ignoring  trivial things which often occur in our lives as even these trivial incidences or happenings teach us a lot to our lives which proves conducive in our further decision making process and help for our next step. 

Recalling the moment of life -

All of us have to face hurdle but the journey does not stop rather life goes on. Some of us  learn the lesson from those particular moments which not only effect the journey of life but even they help in giving new direction to their lives. We learn the lessons from the experiences what we get in every passing moment of the life's journey specifically as to how to move on. As a matter of fact, in order to take every new step we have to reverse the moments of time which is stored in our minds and that is related to the particular steps which are to be taken. We need to analyse the impacts of our evey past action over the present. The more we progress the more more we have to recall the past moments. Thus, every moment of life teaches as to how to go on. In fact,  our every step proves to be a learning lesson for coming moment of life and this goes on. 

No moment of life is trivial-

We are unable to forget the moments of childhood when we would be scared on particular incidence. We used to  take always cautious step keeping in view of the impacts of that particular past moments. We always say ' let gone be bygone' though we do move on but are unable to forget the moments of the past. In fact every moment of the the past keeps knocking in the mind during the continuous journey of life. In fact those trivial moments of life which we usually kept ignoring get a significant place in life when we later sum up and analyse those moments we used to deem insignificant. 

Value of moment of life -

In fact, every moment of life is significant provided we understand the value of the moments of time. Proper utilisation of present moment of the time largely depends on understanding of the moments of the past which we usually won't give value. The way we keep growing physically and mentally, similarly value of the moment of time keep increasing hence some of us get wisdom with the passage of time and take lesson from the every passing moments. On the other side some of us just keep believing in the dictum 'let gone be bygone'. When we say that there is no age limit for learning. Similarly, there is no age limit to learn from the moments of journey of life even if we reach at threshold of life where even passing the time properly becomes a big achievement. In fact even passing the time may become an uphill task if we fail to take lesson from the every passing moment of ongoing life. 

Markus Tullius Ciceros says 'Life without learning is death'. Hence learning from every passing moment not only teaches us how to live the life in a better way but also imparts courage to move on. 
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