Never give up on your dreams

It is an undeniable fact that only dreamer is a winner. A person who has dream in life, definitely succeeds in life rather than one who has no dream. A dreamer never fails if he continues living in his dream, thinks about his dream and strives for  achieving what he dreams. Almost all of you have big or small dream about every department of your lives whether it is about occupation, education, family, sports etc. People who have big dream live a lively life as they think and find themselves near the destination what they aspire that is why it is called one of the precious and adorable moment of life. Infact, future of person entirely depends on what he dreams about, what type of dream he has and how he puts his efforts to materialise the dream. Good future lies for those who have big and purposeful dream and the desire to achieve it that could certainly change their lives. Eleanor Roosevelt  'The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams'. 

Have courage to pursue the dream-

APJ Abdul Kalam said ' You have to dream before your dreams can come true".A courageous person dreams big in life and an achiever pursues that dream for converting it into reality. we need not to fear about the size of dream and obstacles which we may have to face. As we know that luck favours the brave hence only brave has courage and ability to dream.  Hence what one needs to have in beginning is to get the courage to dream and implement that courage in pursuing the dream. Infact, having a dream and pursuing accordingly is the beauty of life. Dream gets us an objective in life thereby life moves in specific direction instead of getting itself directionless. 

Sustaining of never give up attitude 

There is saying ' quitters never win, and winners never quit'. Obstacles, hurdles, failures are part and parcel of life hence vehicle of life has to be run on these very rough paths in order to reach towards the destination. Sometimes, thought of quitting do come in midway while pursuing a dream. Reaching towards desired destination is not easy it needs immense determination and foremost thing is our ' never give up' attitude about our dream even if we have to face innumerable obstacles in the way. Quitting in midway shows our weak determination and cowardliness. We need to remove our weakness which is pulling us down. We have to work hard and figure out areas which are curbing our progress. A brave can never be quitter. We need to believe in our dream, believe in ourselves, believe in our determination only then dream can come true.Richard Branson says 'If your dreams do not scare you they are too small'. 

How to materialize the dream? 

living in the beauty of dream is not enough  rather putting an effort to accomplish it is true beauty. We  can enjoy the dream better if we are able to accomplish what we dream. Infact, everyone has freedom to dream but only few of us have courage to dream big and determination  to turn it into reality. A big dream needs -:

1.Courage to dream and convert  it       into reality. 

2.Putting efforts sincerely and with       honesty. 

3.Determination to achieve as well      as overcoming all the  impediments     and hurdle. 

4.Patience and persistence in                   achieving the goal. 

5.Dedication and commitment               towards the goal. 
6.Focus on dream and make plan. 

7.Self-Confidence and believe in             what  you visualise. 

8.Patience and Consistence. 

9.Hard work as well as enjoy what       you chose to do. 

People who who are courageous, passionate and  enthusiastic in their target can anyhow succeed in converting dreams into reality. Dreamer's dedication towards his dream and his honest efforts are very much required for materialising it. 'I can achieve it' 'I will achieve it' must be dreamer's first and last slogan of mission until one achieves ones desired is infact meaningless if we have no dreams. The World we live in are for dreamers and dreamers are born for the world.
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