Patience, Persistence and Perseverance

The entity of person is like dead who  does not have any goal in his life hence in such situation  chances of a prosperous society where we live in gets bleak. Infact society where in we live can never move towards path of progress unless each of us has his own personal goal and ambition in life. Well being of society completely depends upon how and what a person thinks about himself at his personal level and about his life. Purpose of everyone life is to give impetus to the system which we have been setting up for ourselves having applied with a progressive mindset. Infact everyone of us need to work hard and  prepare our thinking in such a way  that we could contribute to our surroundings as much as we could do. In short, everyone needs to prepare his  mindset in such a way where he could make a clear goal for himself.
Goal of a person implies as to how to spend his life peacefully, happily and satisfactorily in all the departments of life. We usually have long term goal as well as short term goal. Besides this, we also have to make some of the goals  according to the time and circumstances. Hence it gets essential for all of us to have clear goal in life. Once we make a goal in our life our main priority is to devise strategy and plan in term of how to achieve our destination. But the thing which becomes most significant is our  patience, persistence and the perseverance for the achievement of targeted goal.

Patience -

When we make any goal we obviously strive to attaining it but it is not necessary that we succeed in getting what we set up in our life. We may have to face a lot of failures. In fact very few of us get instantly what they plan and achieve it. In fact majority of us have to go through the phases of despondency and failures and that very moment most of the people lose patience and deviate from the path of the targetted goal. Patience needs to be given first place while incorporating the factors in the list of the plan and strategy what we make in order to achieve the goal. Patience can be reckoned as a motivating factor which keep inspiring a person to ignore the hurdles and failures in pursuit of the goal. To Keep positive and remaining calm while facing any impediment is termed patience and it indicates that we inch closer to our goal. Getting disappointed and to be anxious, falling prey of feeling of quitting of the  goal is in nature of of almost every person when he feels disappointed or when he sees an inordinate delay in term of achieving his goal what he sets up for himself. In fact tolerance or say patience works like a shield in pursuit of desired destination when person feels hopeless and exhausted. 

Persistence -

The thing which helps tremendously in achieving the targetted goal is our persistent behaviour towards the goal after having demonstrated patience. We need to have great amount of persistency as failure will always compel us to deviate from the path. In fact we not only need to stick to the goal but make more vigorous effort instead of digressing from the set path. We may make some changes in the strategy but getting digressed completely is tantamount of quitting the goal. In fact we need to have full consistency, persistency as well as grasp firmly the string of targetted goal  instead of letting the string free from our grips. 

Perseverance -

Goal of life wants from each of us same zeal, same enthusiasm, same passion and the same  integrity that we have been demonstrating right from inception of the mission and strategizing goal in order to achieve it. We need to work tirelessly and patiently for the objective of the life. Infact, slack  approach from our side can mar the prospect of  reaching to the destination. We need to show great amount of perseverance instead of budging from the target. Our stubborn attitude towards our goal is very much required in order to reach towards a set destination. In few words, we need to have full determination as well as enough patience, persistency and a great amount of  perseverance if we truly want a better life and a better society. 
Importance of Patience and persrverance

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