Select the field you like the most

We have feeling of great satisfaction when things go as per our wishes. We have feeling of profound satisfaction when we achieve the goal according to the plan what we make for ourselves. We enjoy our lives with great satisfaction when we have everything with us we desire for. Infact we have positive outlook about our lives when we attain all the worldly requirements for us. Although time and surroundings we live in, can never fully satisfy a person  since a person's desires in life are endless. Yet, we can very much satisfy ourselves through our self evaluation and having selected the field we like the most. Nature and habits, intelligence quotient, way of thinking of people are different from one another. Hence a person's choices and interests are also different from one another. Infact we need to choose those area of works in which we have interest and enjoy in doing. Wee need to find out -

Reasons of despondency and sadness in life -

Why do one gets disappointed in life? Answer is obvious and simple when we are unable to get desired result in lives what we aspire for we get disappointed. It happens with almost all of us. Why does it happen? Because we look at somewhere and aim at somewhere. It shows our distraction as well as disinterestedness towards the target. Consequently we are unable to achieve our targetted goal and keep deviating all our lives. There may be following  reasons and factors involve behind choosing those areas in which we have no interest -:

1.Getting influenced and follow the footsteps of others without self evaluation.    
2.Compulsion from family and society. 

3.Compulsion from time and circumstances. 

4.Mislead by someone assuring of bright future while choosing the areas of education,career, sports etc. 

Although we choose specific subject for our study, specific occupation for livelihood as well as  sports for our career. But we are unable to give our hundred percent effort in achieving those targets because we have lack of that level of interests which we need to have in order to accomplish the target. Infact, achieving any target through short cut method is impossible and that too if we have lack of full dedication and the interest in the specific field we select in life. Infact, careers which we choose in lives assess our level of interest as well as the dedication hence we are rewarded by it accordingly. Bright future of life of anyone depends entirely on the right selection of the field which should be based on individual skills, ability, affinity and the interest one has. 

Every stream of education has good prospect as far as making a career in respective field is concerned. Infact, what we need to figure out is, our individual affinity and the interest in that particular subject. Sometimes we underestimate a particular subject even though we like it the most hence only here we do big mistake. Selection or choosing of subject owing to its significance without having self assessment and our disinterest in particular subject are root cause of getting deviated thereby fail to perform remarkably.This wrong selection mars the prospect of growth and success. This applies almost every area of life whether it is in profession, sports, education etc. 

Need to figure out potential and it's optimum utilisation -

Figuring out the potential  is one of the basic and unique ability  of mentor of child while selecting the subject in education. A trainer of particular sport figures out specific skill inside a sports person before assigning him particular task during the game.  In corporate world, efficiency and skills of employees are meticulously assessed apart from the educational qualification, before assigning them specific responsibilities. Performance appraisal is one of the significant tools to assess employees dedication towards the work. If an employee performs well in his duties it shows his level of interest in that particular work. Hence chances of productivity  in that particular field gets high. Asking an employee regarding the job and his level of job satisfaction inside the organisation indicate his level of interest in his work. An employee's career growth does no go up vertically if his area of work is not accordance to his skill and interest. Hence, identifying strength and the weakness before starting any kind of work not only ensure productivity but also impart great amount of satisfaction.
Select the field you like the most

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