What are the main problems and struggles in life

What is struggle ? 

Life is a struggle and struggle is the name of  hard work, strenuous effort and  fight through adversity. What one does all through in ones life is just to keep struggling through putting hard work, striving hard, fighting through adversity and these continue as long as life goes on. Since life progresses with the struggle hence we can say that struggle remains an inseperable part of life as long as one is alive. Keep struggling is the reality of life.There is no life without struggle. Even there is not an end of struggle at any stage of life. In fact, level of struggle of a person reflects his perception he has about his life as to how does he like to see his life. Some want to live life, some want to live an exemplary life and some of us live life just for sake of living hence everyone endeavours as per his wisdom and thoughts. Reality is that success works like an indicator which says that you have crossed to the specific level of struggle and much more struggles are still waiting in line ahead.

Why is struggle necessary ? 

Progress in all sphere of life depends on the struggles. We can not think of growth without putting an effort. We are able to get  mental as well as physical strength only through the struggles.  Struggle teaches us how to make life easy. Struggle gives enough strength to weak. Struggle not only solves the problem of life at individual level but it also solves problems in surroundings. Struggle provides financial , social  and personal security. 

What are the main struggles in life ? 

Where there is a life there is a struggle. Struggles exist everywhere, almost all of the living things have to struggle hard whether it is human, plant or animal. Even the tiny grass of field has to strive hard to rise again after being run over. Even a tiny plant has to fight through adversity when wind blows out of proportion.Ups and down is an integral part of everyone's life hence each of us should keep struggling to tackle the situation. Some of the problems are common for all and some of the problems emerge from our own mistakes. Hence for all the problems we have to struggle hard  to solve them. Life is uncertain so are the things which life needs for itself. Only one thing which fights against uncertainty is our constant struggle even if there is a lot of adversity. We can categorise problems into two major parts for which everyone has to struggle hard throughout his life. 

1.Family Problems 

2.Social Problems

When we talk about family problems we have to keep following things into our minds :-

(i) Striving for livelihood -: livelihood has been main issue for all of us. Searching for livelihood is the first priority of every one. All of of us have to put our maximum effort to get secure livelihood. 

(ii) Struggling to get a job: - Getting a job is primery concern for everyone given demand and supply situation of job market. All of us have to struggle to get a satisfactory job. It provides financial security through which one could fulfil ones basic personal needs. 

(iii) Striving for proper health facility -: Health is one of the main concerns of ones life. Everyone has to go through phase of illness. Everyone has to struggle hard to save from suffering from diseases. If a person suffers from any diseases, his main concern is to get  proper treatment hence for this he has to struggle hard . 

(iv)Struggle to get proper education -: Education makes a difference in life of people. Human evolution can not be possible without diving into ocean of knowledge. Hence everyone of us has to strive hard to get proper education. Education makes life easy too. 

(v)Maintaining relationship with friend and relatives-: Every living things need companionship in order to spend easy and better life. Maintaining a good relationship with relatives and friends is big challenge given competition, tug of war and race of surpassing each other. Being a member of family and society, all of us have to struggle hard to maintain a good relationship among the members of family and with friends. 

(vi) Financial Security-: Financial security guarantees of personal security. Financial security is one of the basic needs for the survival as well as spending for prosperous life. Fact of the matter is that our all efforts revolve around in searching for financial security. 

2.Social Problems -: Besides family problems, social problems also need our big attention. We have to keep following points into mind while thinking about struggle in life. 

(i) Unstable society & lack of peace -: Vested interests has been the root cause of growing chaos and anarchy.  Nevertheless, everyone needs to strive hard at his own level to bring peace and brotherhood in surroundings since a peaceful society could only provide a better life to everyone. 

(ii) Fear and Anxiety -: The more we are progressing, the more we are having sense of fear and anxiety. Being a member of society we have to struggle hard to reduce prevailing anxiety and fear in surroundings. 

(iii)Biasness and Prejudice -:  Biasness and prejudice mar the social fabrics of society. Survival of life in society becomes  a great challenge. We also have to struggle hard to protect ourselves from these evils. 

In short, we have numerous problems in life. Hence, most of our time go on just struggling to solve them. Instead of getting much concerned about failure and hurdles we need to just belive in hard working and struggle. We have to believe in only putting efforts  while carrying out our responsibility and duty. Success is hidden in our constant struggles. Real achievement is in struggling hard. Even three times Olympic gold medalist has to struggle hard and prove himself when he is made coach of a team. Struggle goes on. Even a retired person has to struggle hard by proving himself fit and healthy at his elderly age. Only one thing which keeps changing with the passage of time is nature of duty and responsibility. Hard work continues at every stage of life. Success and achievement depend on the struggle. Things which take us towards achievement and success are our hard work, participation in the system and the dedication to our activities. Life is name of movement and struggle hence we need to just move on with positive mindset throughout the life.  
What are the main struggles in life

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