Challenges and how to face them

Winning spirit, passion, persistence, courage and patience etc  take us to that level where we can  face any type of challenges in our lives easily. We can overcome all kind of obstacles which come in our way. Our hard work, resolution and dedication are required to get any task done on every stage of life if we really want to live comfortably and attain success. In fact, we may have to face innumerable kind of challenges while spending our lives. In fact, running away from any challenges show our lack of resolution and courage. Some of us lack positive thinking, passion, full of determination and the patience. Some of us don't think, the way  people with strong will power and ambitious think about their goals and success. Firstly, what we need to do is to identify our own talent and ability with pointing out our own shortcomings, flaws and then accordingly we need to work hard on those shortcomings in order to make ourselves stronger. Once we are able to make strong positive mindset ang get stronger in those areas where we were weak, only then we can successfully face all types of challenge in a better way.

How do you define challenge? 

What is challenge? Infact , challenge is a kind of situation where it invites others to compete, a situation to fight against the adversity. Adverse situation and the hurdles are integral part of everyone's life therefore fighting and facing the situation are in fact a challenge. When we say that life is full of challenges It reflects reality of life of a person who has to face obstacles and adverse situation through out in all walks of life. Facing the challenges implies fighting against those moments of life and circumstances which become impediments, hinders in the successful journey of life. All of us have to face the challenges in our lives. Some of us emerge winner and some emerge losers. In fact, defining about the losers and winners in term of life is very difficult since even spending simple life sometimes gets a big achievement for some of us. On the other side, some of us compete in order to carve out our own places and status in society. For some of us, race of life denotes how did we spend our lives. On the other side, some of us compete for establishing our own individual identity in society. But fact is that all of us have to face challenges in our lives. Everyone has his own way of thinking about his challenges. Time and circumstances also keep changing with changes in people way of thinking about the nature of challenges in life. But reality is that competitions and challenges exist in all around and all of us have to face them. Everyone keeps facing those challenges according to his capacity and understanding. 

What are the basic challenges ? 

Challenges in life differ from person to person. Kids have different challenges in life. Students have their own problems and difficulties. Problems of teachers are of different type. Businessmen face those type of challenges which are different from employees of the companies. Professionals have competition and challenges with superior peers and subordinates in their respective areas of works. Parents have their own concerns and challenges regarding their overall development of their wards. In short, everyone of us who live in the society have to face competition and challenges in our lives. Tug of war for the survival of life and surpassing over each other's continue in our surroundings. But basic challanges which everyone of us has to face in life are as follows :- 

1.Health - Health has been one of the big challenges of everyone's life. The more we are progressing, the more we are having feeling of insecurity and vulnerability. Nevertheless, we did not give up hope in competing against impacts of fatal diseases. Though all the nations have been investing billions in opening up muti-speciality hospital everywhere to provide better treatment to the people. The way we have recently faced the challenges during the pandemic shows our determination and courage to face global health crisis. Though pandemic is still impending over all of us.We need to be alert to face and try to overcome such kind of challenges. 

2.Employment - Getting a secure job has been big challenge in life of every youth. Since opportunities are less in comparison of applicants, getting a secure job has always been a big challenge of youths. 

3.Education - Getting good education for all is one of the big challenges of ones life given lack of resources available for all. Standard of education and discrepancies in education system, equal opportunity for education for every section of society is big challenge. 

4.Peace - It seem to be very difficult to hope and get peace in surrounding given our endless desires and race of surpassing over each others. Race in life has jeopardized peace of mind of majority of people. Notwithstanding, our positive thinking and determination to make peaceful society give ray hope of peace in surroundings. 

5.Uncertainty in life - life and the happenings around are uncertain. No one knows what is going to happen next. Hence managing life as well as taking ourselves to right path given uncertainty in life is big challenge for all of us. 

6.Recognition - What we do in our lives are usually for ourselves, for our families, for the society and for the country we live in. Getting a proper place for oneself in society is also one of the great challenges of life since everyone of us usually makes effort to get social recognition. 

7.Social Security - With the changes in nature of social values of society. Social Security is becoming major concern for all people with passage of time. 

As challenges exist in every nook and corner of human's life. Formation of proper system to face the difficulties also become priority of all of us. Hence everyone of us contributes at our own level to face the challenges. The things which we need at large scale is our positive outlook towards our individual life, our determination resoluteness and our spirit to make a better environment to live life. Whatever we achieved so far at global level is the result of our group effort having accepted the challenges of invisible forces. We can compete the challenges at individual level too by establishing proper system on individual level. We can succeed in making a system for a better life and for that what we need the most are our positive thinking, determination, persistence, patience. Challenges are reality of life hence instead of running away from the fact, we have to accept the challenges and need to move ahead with positive outlook and full determination.
Challenges and how to face them

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