How to deal with frustration

Why do we get frustrated ? 
No one wants to be defeated in his life. No one wants to be lagged behind in the struggle of achieving his personal goal. No one wants to be called a looser. But this is also reality that everyone can not be a winner. Every one can never achieve everything what they want in their lives. There are no limits of our desire, aspiration, requirements and ambition in life. We keep striving for achieving our aspiration and desires besides the basic requirements of life. You put your all efforts and hardwork in achieving desired goals but because of minor loopholes you are unable to get what you want. You start asking " Why didn't I succeed? What were the shortcoming in me ? You see your peers going up in hierarchy but you find yourself working still in the same designation. You begin to ask innumerable questions about yourself, about your surroundings and about your efforts but when you are unable to find out the satisfactory answers. When you are unable to figure out the exact causes of your failure. Feeling of frustration and anger starts taking place inside you. You feel yourself getting frustrated. You think that your desire, your aspiration, your dreams seem to be moving away from you. You feel annoyed, frustrated and dejected. A feeling of anger starts developing in you, about you as well as about the people you think, are responsible for your failure. You begin to feel yourself weak, irritated, insecure and aggressive. 
How to deal with frustration
What are the effects of frustration-:Your life directly gets effected from the failure and setback. You become negative and starts doing following things in utter frustration. 

# Anger and aggressiveness -: You get upset and angry if you fail to get what you plan in life. You become violent and aggressive in your every behaviour. 

#Fall prey of depression and irritation-: You easily get irritated even on minor issues. You find yourself worthless in your surroundings. You go in depression. You even put your life in jeopardy. 

#Lose of self confidence -: You start underestimating yourself. Your level of  confidence goes down. You start thinking about yourself worthless. Frustration even may make you discourage from taking new initiative. Eventually, you even decide to quit pursuing your goals. 

#Destructive mindset-: Destructive mindset overcomes you. At times, some of you even take destructive steps in your lives. 

#Bitterness in your behaviour -:  Bitterness is reflected from your behaviours and the talks. You even make yourself sick from your negative thinking and your negative mindset. 

How to deal with frustration -: Failure is not end of the road. One has rightly said " Success is a journey, not destination." And failure is an integral part of ones life's journey. You need not feel dejected if you come across any type of defeat in your life. You need to just concentrate on your performance, on your hard work and on your determination.You need to just concentrate in giving your 100% effort on that task you are supposed to undertake. Fear of failure during the journey reflects your unpreparedness and the expectation of fruitful outcome makes you frustrated. Hence, what you need to do is to just persist in your objective unless you cross all the hurdles.You may have to definitely go through the frustration in life and It is you only who could deal with frustration in a better way. Following basic tips could help you in coping with you frustration if you feel frustrated in any point of life. 

# Share your feelings with friends and close one -: Disappointment in any point of life may demoralize you. Sharing your feeling with close one and their encouraging words could boost up your diminishing fighting spirit. You can liberate yourself from negative state of mind to large extent. 
# Take a long walk -: You go through mental stress because of getting dejected in life which adversely effect your way of thinking. Long walk would help in reducing your mental stress.

# Watch comdey movie and pranks -: You need to come out from negative feeling. You become morose on the failures. Sadness snatches your laugh and happiness from you. You need enjoyment and laugh. Hence, you should watch comedy movies, pranks etc which could make you laugh and give happiness. 

#Eat sweets and foods which could make your day-: Enjoy the things which could help you in changing your mood. Enjoy and concentrate on your favourite foods which could chage you into happy mood. Eat sweets and the foods you yearn for. 

# Listen musics which could sooth your mind-: Music is one of the best sources of stress reliever. Enjoy those music which could take you out from despondency and despair. Music has power to change your gloomy mood into jovial one. 

# Play your favourite games and do exercise -: Play games which could make you active. Frustration causes of increase in mental stress and the mental stress have adverse effect on your body. Hence you need to make your body active instead of letting it idle. 

# Take a good sleep -: A good sleep soothes your mind. It helps in reducing stress and making your mood good. 

# Read inspirational stories and write down your own feelings -: You can come out from phase of frustration by reading inspirational stories and jotting down your feelings. Writing down your thoughts is one of best sources of relieving your stress. 

# Play with kids -: Playing with kids can give you happiness. Hence enjoy your time with kids, do what they want, speak what they like. Give them happiness and enjoy with them. 

# Stop revisiting of negative thoughts in your mind-: You also need to protect your mind from getting captivated by negative thoughts which probably would keep visiting in your mind. You need to find the ways which could help you in stopping recurring of destructive negative thoughts in your mind. 

# Be calm and replan your goal-: You suffer from anger, fear, anxiety and sense of insecurity because of frustration. You may even instantly get irritated on small matter. You may even become aggressive at some point of time. You should try to be calm and positive, make new plan, think new and prepare your mindset for new begining. 

Frustration is also a part of life. Take it easy and try to cope with it. You have enough potential to come out from the phase of despair provided that you have firm determination and self confidence. You need to make habits of being calm. You need to be positive in your action and thoughts in all circumstances. You have enough potential to overcome your frustration and failures. 

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