How to develop never give up attitude

Success is slow progress, you can not get success overnight. You have to demonstrate  consistency and patience if you want to reach at your destination. You may have to wait a bit longer in achieving your goal. You may have to get even frustrated when you find yourself far away from your goal. You may have to go through the time when you find yourself nowhere in the race. Sometimes, disappointment may even compel you to quit in midway what you had initiated. Sometimes, you may have to go in depression too when things would not go according to the plan. Failures can even force you to raise question on your own decision and on your own ability. At times, You can even loose your self confidence and hope. 

#Role of hope in your life -:

Hope is a kind of power that helps in lifting up your dwindling willpower. You should never detach hope  from yourself. You need to be optimistic. Hope gives you positive energy.It inspires you to start again even if you get disheartened from failure. Hope keeps motivating you so that you stick to your goal. Hope keeps you alive. Giving up hope may put you in quagmire you could not come out again. Giving up hope keep pushing you down to that extent that you would gradually become pessimist. You would begin to see everything in negative way. It can even stop your positive mental growth. Giving up on hope makes your life hell. Hope keeps you moving and giving up hope makes you complete defunct. 

#How to keep your hope alive :-

You need to just believe in your hard work.You need to believe in  keep doing and keep going. Infact, You need to develop a mindset of never giving up. You need to avoid sense of loosing hope. Martin Luther King, Jr.said “We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose finite hope,"  What you need to do is to kindle the flame of hope When you would begin to feel loosing  you self confidence. You need to overcome your disappointment by setting aside the thought of giving up your dream. In fact, giving up means that you have accepted defeat. It shows your weakness and lack of willpower. When you see no way out of solution. When you see no positive result from your hard work. What you need to do is to take inspiration of tiny creatures. How do they keep crawling on surface of floor in search of their goal. How are they even run down by footsteps and even hurt by bigger creatures but they don't deviate from their destination. They don't come back to their homes rather keep fighting against adverse situation. You need to believe in the reality that success is a process. 

# How to develop never give up attitude -: You can develop never give up attitude by paying attention to following significant elements which are supposed to be instrumental in achieving success. Infact, what you need to do is to develop " your mindset, a mindset of consistency, a mindset of not running away from hardship, a mindset of believing in your ability etc. 

#Believe in yourself -: First of all, you will have to believe in yourself. You have to make a mindset of saying " I can do it ". 

#Believe in ability and approach -: You will have to believe in your ability  as well as the initiatives you have taken in achieving the goals. You need to develop gut  to say to yourself " I don't have any shortcomings, only one weakness I might be having, that is my wrong approach, I will have to work on it".

#Believe in hard work, patience and consistency -: Hard work, patience and persistence make you stronger. You can remain positive in your goal even if things don't go as per your plan. You need to assure yourself by saying " I am hardworking, I have patience hence I will never give up on my dream"

#Always get prepared to face setback -: Setback and failures are part of life. No one can get success without going through the setback and failure. You need to tell yourself  " I will not get dishearten even if I am unable to get desired result. I would try again and succeed"

#Enjoy the work you like the most -: You should just enjoy the work. You need to just belive in pursuing the goal having believed that succes does not happen overnight. It needs full involvement with the work you have interest in. The more you enjoy the work, the more you will be able to dedicate yourself to the work. 

#Rectify your shortcomings -: No one is perfect. Weakness and shortcomings are part of life.These can become main hurdle in your success. Hence it gets essential to work on weakness and shortcomings. If your friend relatives highlight your weakness you need to entertain their suggestion by saying " I admit I might have some weakness in particular area. I need to work hard on my weakness".

You will be able to develop never give up attitude only when you stick to your goals. Thought of never give up on hope will develop only when you completely involve yourself in your mission with the self confidence. No one can stop you in achieving your goal once you are able to develop never give up attitude. What you need to do is to just have faith in your self, persist in your target with striving hard and with the patience. 
How to develop never give up attitude

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