How to get satisfaction in life

Being happy does not mean you are satisfied. Happiness is temporary whereas satisfaction is state of mind which keeps giving you happiness as long as you feel yourself satisfied. Satisfaction is also termed a kind of happiness which remains with you for a longer period of time. For instance, when you succeed in qualifying a competiton you feel happy but you don't feel satisfied since you don't  get specific rank what you wanted for yourself. Even though you may feel happy on  getting success but your happiness is not of that level which could provide you satisfaction. You can also understand it in this way. When you succeed in getting a job for yourself  it certainly gives you happiness but this happiness is unable to satisfy you when the duties and responsibilities which are assigned, are not accordance to your expectation. In other words, you certainly feel happy on getting a job for yourself, but you don't feel completely satisfied from the nature of job.

Why do you feel happy but you have no inner satisfaction-: Happiness is a temporary moment of life that always keeps coming in everyone's life. Happines comes and it may disappear instantly. On the contrary, satisfaction is a kind of long term happiness that last longer  with you. You usually make long term plan and strategy for yourself with high ambition, great expectation and unending desires etc. You prepare a long term plan about your job, your family and about all the things which relate to your life. You expect the things happen according to your  plan. You can experience a feeling of happiness but you don't feel satisfied when result is not up to the mark. For example,  when you get a job on the contract basis for two years it gives you short term happiness but it is unable to give you enough satisfaction. You get real satisfaction only when you are assured that your service in the company will continue as long as you want to continue or up till a certain period of time untill you get tired, it gives you internal satisfaction. 

How to get satisfaction in life -: You will have to be flexible in your approach towards your life. You will have to have feeling of contentment with you. You will have to enjoy every moment of life having thought in your mind that the satisfaction lies in your thinking. Your mindset  would determine as to how do you like to get  satisfaction in your life. 
How to get satisfaction
#Simplify your life and be content -: Enjoy your life in simple and easy way. Don't obsess about the things for which you have to lose your peace of mind. You need to be content on what you are able to get. You need to develop mindset of contentment. You need to be prepared for both good and bad situation. Even if things don't go according to your plan you just have to enjoy for whatsoever comes in your way. 

#Keep  attitude of gratitude in all  circumstances -: You can get satisfaction in your life by developing attitude of thanking the circumstances and consequences. You may have to go through the phases which may be contrary to your plan and expectation but you don't need to get disappointed, instead appreciate those who deserve for it. Thank the surroundings for what you have achieved so far. Sense of gratitude make you happy and relaxes you from inside. 

#Evaluate and introspect yourself-: Satisfaction lies in your self evaluation. You can figure out your weakness through your self evaluation. When you succeed in strengthening your weakness after figuring out your flaws it later gives you inner satisfaction. You also need to introspect yourself. Sometimes, your thoughts and expectations take you at that level where getting satisfaction becomes an uphill task for you.   

#Believe in hard work and be a rational-: It is undeniable fact that you can materialise your expectation through your hard work. But It also needs to be seen where are you putting your hard work. You need to be rational about your plan. You need to calculate every aspect of your action keeping in view of ground reality. Your hard work makes you happy and gives you internal satisfaction when you succeed in hitting at right target. 

# Look around yourself and be modest -: You also need to see different existing opportunities around yourself. There are many options available in surroundings. If you don't  succeed in hitting at center of your target, you can make some other option for yourself. Success and failures are part of life. Your attitude of staying modest throughout your journey of life can  impart you enough satisfaction. 

#Give ample time on your interest and goal -: You need to give your maximum time on your interest and the goal. Nothing can be had easily in life. You need to give enough time on your interest in order to get happiness and inner satisfaction. 

#Be kind, make other happy -:  Your every acts of kindness which make other happy gives you inner satisfaction. 

#Love yourself and the people around you -: Sometimes, rejection in life raises question mark on your ability and your efforts. At times, negative thoughts may overcome and it may snatch feeling of satisfaction from you. Your small or big happiness  become meaningless for you. Hence what you need to do is to shun the thought of being rejected, instead try be positive, believe in yourself, love yourself, believe in your effort and love your surroundings. 

#Keep yourself away from grudge and avarice-: Grudge and greed inside you will never let you satisfy. You will have to remove these negative elements from you if you want to get satisfaction in your life. 

#Try to be flexible instead of staying rigid -: Staying rigid in your plan can not get you internal satisfaction. You need to be flexible while you strive for getting happiness and satisfaction  in life. Flexible means keep changing your plan as per the situation and circumstances.

You will have to develop mindset of contentment if you want to get satisfaction. You will have to follow modesty and mediocre life style if you want to get real satisfaction. The more you think about your target which is beyond your reach and you strive less, the less you are able to get satisfaction in your life. Expectation, ambition, desire, high thinking would let you satisfy only when you keep bringing a change in nature of your desires time to time as per the situation. 

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