How to overcome weakness and shortcomings

Success and failure are part and parcel of life. Some of you take lesson from their failures by figuring out the shortcomings. On the other side, some begin to play blame game instead of figuring out  flaws and shortcomings. Blaming others in fact reflects that you are somehow trying to hide your weakness. Even If you succeed in proving that particular factor or people around you are responsible of pulling you down it again shows loop holes somewhere in you that you did not prepare yourselves well to cope up. First of all what you need to do is to fulfill all the basic parameter which success sets for itself since even a single missing element may cause of defeat. 

#How to identify the shortcomings -: 

2.Self evaluation -:  One of the basic tools of ascertaining about your strength and weakness  is your self evaluation. Self evaluation shows the mirror as to how did you prepare yourselves to conquer the goal. This self evaluation needs to be done at regular interval. 

2.Get feedback from staunch friends and relatives -: At times, your decision and action are adjudged better by those who are watching you sitting away. You need to ask for their advise and  their constructive criticism too. 

3.Comparision with winner -: You need to compare yourselves with winners, find out their strength and plus point which you don't have. Thus, you may succed in finding out the reasons of lagging behind. 

4.Concentrate on the work -: You can never  find out shortcomings unless you concentrate on your work. Concentration towards the goal opens your eyes. Once you start  monitoring your daily activity you are easily able to discover your shortcomings. 

5.Prepare the list of works accomplished and the works in pending -:  You should make a list of your accomplishments as well as the list of works which are to be accomplished. You can easily ascertain the shortcomings which might cause of delay in accomplishment of your goal. 

Infact, success comes to those who try to be perfect in their action. Rectifying mistakes and errors is one of the ways to reach towards the destination. Students have their own shortcomings and flaws which comes out through their progress reports. Weakness of teachers emerge when performance of students are not up to the mark. Job seekers have their own specific shortcomings which ultimately becomes major obstacle for them during the interviews. Different professionals in different fields have their own weakness and flaws which cause of delay in completion of their goals. These shortcomings and weakness not only take us towards the success but also towards close to the perfection. Though perfection is process as no one claims to be perfect. 

# How to overcome shortcomings -:

1.Give a little more time and attention on shortcomings :- Since the  shortcomings and flaws are root cause of your failure. Hence a little more time  and attention need to be allocated in those particular areas where you find yourself weak. Work hard on your weakness. 

2.Take the help of propitious acquaintances :- After making plan and strategy, concentrate on finding out acquaintances who could help you in overcoming the shortcomings. Set aside shame and ego. 

3.Admit your weakness and do hardwork- At times, we don't accept that we have any weakness but failure shows the mirror by alerting about the loopholes. We need to mend those loopholes first.  There is no substitute of hard work. Hard work is the only way to mend loopholes. Accept the truth that no one is perfect. Everyone has shortcomings and flaws. 

4.Take lesson from shortcomings -: There is old saying ' Failure is the pillar of success' If you have will power to achieve the goal, even shortcomings would lift you up in getting you success. 

5.Never get frustrated -:  Muster up your courage to remove sense of frustration if anyone highlights your flaws and weakness. Take a lesson from your shortcomings instead of getting saddened by the flaws. Always remain positive and inspire yourself to do better. All the winners have had shortcomings and weakness but they remove those weakness by well planned strategy and hard works. 

Shortcomings can be overcome by hard work, staying focussed, consistency and dedication. No one claims to be perfect or excelling in all the areas. Whatever strength a person gets is  because of his will power to convert his shortcoming into strength. Strength comes gradually. Hence We can also overcome our shortcomings gradually  through our determination, dedication and the hard work.   Shortcomings and flaws are challenges of life which need to be overcome. In fact  we could not reach to the goal if we will keep overlooking our shortcomings and weakness. 
How to overcome  weakness and shortcomings

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