How to develope self-confidence

What is self confidence

What is self confidence -

1. Self confidence is trust in your ability, calibre, knowledge and skills you have in you. 

2. Your future course of action entirely depends on level of your self confidence. 

3. Self confidence determines your success and failures in life. 

4. By dint of it you can reach anywhere in your life you want to reach. It can help you in crossing even the biggest hurdles in life. 

5. You can materialise your dream in reality if you have confidence in your skills and abilities. 

6. Self confidence helps keeping you positive all the time. 

Why do you lose self confidence - 

1. You lose your confidence because of the distressing environment you have been living in. 

2. You lose your self confidence when you are incessantly ignored in and around you. 

3. Your indifferent attitude towards your weakness and shortcomings causes of losing your confidence. 

4. Lack of fighting spirit and clear ambition and objective in life. 

5. Environment of isolation, neglect, humiliation, exploitation, harrasment  also cause of losing self confidence. 

What are the  effects of lack of self-confidence -

1. You can not live your life happily. 

2. Success will go away from you. 

3. You will always have anxiety and stress in your life. 

4.You would always hesitate in mingling with your colleagues. 

5. Your self esteem will go down. 

6. You would hesitate in taking any kind of risk and initiatives. 

What are the positive effects of self-confidence -

1. Self confidence will help you in achieving even the toughest goal of your life. 

2. You will always remain positive in all circumstances. 

3. You will love yourself and surroundings. 

4. You are able to overcome all kind of obstacles which come in your life. 

5. Self confidence will never let you be violent person. It will save you from you taking any kind of destructive steps. 

6. Self confidence will make you happy, patient, ambitious, hopeful, and positive. 

How can you build your self confidence -

1.Accept the challenge - Never afraid of challenges. Challenges encourage you to move ahead. You can change your thinking, mindset and also make a new plan for yourself from the outcome of the challenges which you face. Facing the challenges develops confidence in you even if you are unable to perform upto the mark. 

2. Work on your weakness and flaws - You can build your confidence by rectifying your mistakes. Ascertaining your weakness, flaws and working hard to convert your weakness into your strength boost up your level of self - confidence. 

3. Eat healthy and be active - As you know that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Hence it gets necessary for all of us to eat healthy and stay fit so that we could feel mentally and physically fit and active. When you feel well, you could think better and do well too. Hence it would help in building your self confidence. 

4. Love yourself and the surroundings - Never underestimate yourself, rather love yourself and be proud of whatever you possess. Sometimes, after comparing yourself with others you may have to lose your level of confidence. Hence, instead of thinking negative you need to be positive about yourself and about your surroundings. 

5. Learn from criticism - Take criticism in positive way. Criticism teaches you what to do and what not to do which ultimately increase your level of confidence in your life. 

6. Self-evaluation and don't hesitate in taking risk - If you are stick to your goal honestly with a positive mindset, you would definitely keep moving up gradually. Therefore, you need to evaluate yourself time to time as how much did you progress in your objective. Secondly, don't hesitate in taking risk. Risk is normally taken when one is not sure about the outcome. So even if you are unable to get desired outcome, you get extraordinary experiences which would help in building confidence in you. 

Self confidence is very much essential for a person, for his life's successful journey.  Success, happiness, anxiety and stress entirely depend on the level of self confidence. If your confidence level is high, you can overcome all kind of hurdles easily. You can not only enjoy your life well but you can also spread happiness around you. 

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