How to handle misgivings in daily life

                           What is misgiving ? 
How to handle misgivings in daily life
As you know that life is full of ups and down and push and pull. All those things which have adverse effect in your life are either by product of misgivings or misgiving itself causes of adverse effect in your life. Misgivings are infact a type of doubt, distrust, apprehension or suspicion that accompanies with everyone throughout in their lives. Since misgivings are an integral part of everyone's life hence you must need to know about their impacts in life. Here it also needs to be noted that life is like a coin which has its two sides. Similarly, each and everything around you which keep effecting your daily life have bad impact as well as good impact in your life. 

         - Consequences of Misgivings in life -

1. Negative Consequences 

1. It stops you to take big risk in life thereby chances of your development gets bleak. 

2. It makes you pessimistic in your thoughts and actions. 

3. It causes splitting up relations. 

4. Misgivings likely to make you vulnerable. 

5. It will adversely effect on your overall health condition.  

6. It also causes of loosing your self confidence. 

7. Misgivings become an obstacles in your personal development too. 

2. Positive Consequences - 

1. Misgivings help in getting you alert when you are about to take any significant step. 

2. It shows your awareness about nitty-gritty of affairs. 

3.It compels you to make thorough analysis of the situation. 

4. Misgivings helps you make safe passage for yourself if you are in dilemma. 

5. You don't let things go with flow. You strive to turn the things as per you wishes. 

How to handle misgivings in daily life -

1. Educate yourself about the issues - Ignorance is one of the basic reasons of emergence of misgivings inside you. What you need to do is to go deep into the matter and ascertain the reality. Misgivings are the result of your little knowledge and lack of awareness. 

2. Believe in yourself and your endeavour - You need to develop  self confidence inside you. You need to believe in your hardwork. Basic requirements to overcome your doubt and apprehension are your own strength, knowledge and your enthusiasm. You can also defuse others misgivings regarding you through empowering the areas you are weak in. 

3. Try to be logical while making any conclusion. - Inference shoud be based on reasons and logics. You need to be analytical  that should be based on reasons and logic rather than on feelings and emotions.
4. Remove all kind of ambiguity while conversing - Lack of communication is one of basic reasons of trust deficit among the peopl which subsequently take a shape of misgivings. Clarity in talk more or less curtail the confusion, apprehension and the distrust. 

5. Prepare yourself to face any eventuality - uncertainty in life exist everywhere and all the time. You can not run away from it. Rather you must always prepare yourself to face any kind of eventuality. Once you make up your mind to face eventuality, chances of emerging misgivings inside you may be reduced. 

Fact of the matter is that misgivings are the results of our excess affinity towards the materialistic needs. No one are unaffected from them as they are deep seated in each and every individual. Misgiving has both bad and good effects in your life. One side, it persuades you to be cautious in your every step. On the other side, it  causes of creating dilemma inside and around you too. 

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