How to get perfection - Simple tips

                             What is perfection? 
How to get perfection

When you say 'Err is human'. What does it mean? It means that mistake is in human nature. Even after your great effort, somewhere you are compelled to make a mistake either due to the distraction or lack of alertness towards the job you undertake. No one wants to do mistake intentionally but it happens spontaneously. In fact, it is your own mistakes which don't let your work perfect. Perfection implies ' no flaws or faults in your work'. When you look at your own creation or work it looks perfect as per the parameter that you set for your work, on the other side, your works are unable to get due acceptance before others since your works are unable to fulfil the standard parameter what others set for that particular work. Flaws and faults mean that while performing your task somewhere you forget to add some of the essential things or you willingly or unwillingly add the things in your task beyond the required proportion. This ' by and large, or more or less' in your work does not let your work perfect. Evolution of human civilization, exemplary inventions and  multidimensional development all around the world are the result of this very search of perfection. Yet, 'enough space for improvement' is attached to almost all kinds of human's achievements and we also leave no stone unturned in trying to get 100% perfection. That is why it is said that perfection is an unending process. 

Why should you try to get perfection - 

1. Pursuit of perfection is the first step in the direction of attaining the success. As collin Powel said ' Success is the result of perfection, ..... ...'. 

2. It makes you a target oriented. It inspires you to utilise your utmost potential. 

3.Pursuit of getting 100 out of 100 makes you different from others. You can also be instrumental to make a difference in your surroundings if you strive to be perfect in your task. 

4. Attaining perfection is though impossible but through the pursuit of perfection you are able to succeed in making your dream possible to a great extent. 

5. Pursuit of perfection reflects not only your high thinking but it shows your eagerness to bring about changes in the quality of life. 

6. It inspires you to work hard. 

How to get perfection - Simple tips

1.Figure out your strength - Before starting to achieve any task, figure out the areas you could do you best. 

2.Make a clear goal - Firstly, make it clear as to what is your goal? What do you want to achieve ? Make a clear goal for all the departments of your life. 

3.Hone your skill - There is saying ' Practice makes perfect ' If you want to excel in particular area, you will have to practice hard. You will have to give enough time in those areas where you want improvement. 

4. Work hard -  You will get close to perfection through improving your performance. And you will be able to improve your performance only through the hard work. 

5. Persistence and passion - You need to stick  at your goal. Never loose your passion. It is only the passion, willpower and persistence which will help you reaching at your target. 

6.Patience and perseverance - Patience and perseverance is very much essential to achieve your goal. Never give up your passions halfway.

7. Learn the lesson - You may have to face failures during the journey. Figure out what were the obstacles and how to vanquish over them. 

8. Always stay positive - Failures  may make you hopeless and frustrated. You may even turn into negative and quit your tasks in mid of the journey. Fact is that you can never move ahead if you don't get positive. Hence, try to stay positive. 

9. Develop self confidence - Confidence only comes when you are able to overcome your weakness and strengthen yourself. So, when you succeed in increasing your level of confidence. You will not only start thinking positive rather you will  start doing the things in positive manner too and then the outcome will also be positive. 

Perfect meaning of the perfection is to keep improving your performance. Your every efforts may be followed by flaws and faults. Never give up nor need to be disappointed.What you need is to do is to persist in your goal as long as you could give your maximum in your efforts. Vince Lombardi rightly said 'Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can get excellence'. And foremost thing is that your indefatigable efforts in pursuit of perfection can get you a perfect success.

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