Self- development skills and how to improve them.

                  What is self-development ?             

Self - development skill
The activities which equip you with those essential things that help in imparting strength to your mental and physical growth is self development. Self development is in fact continuous process that increases your knowledge, capabilities in terms of realising your aspiration and the goals. Every one is forced by time and circumstances to adopt the things which could help in attaining the success in life. In fact, you can't attain objective in life if you are not fully aware about the essential things which are required for your self development or you don't change with the time and adopt the things accordingly. Keeping yourself aware about the essential elements which are required to materialise your desire and aspiration, and getting yourself involved in process of achieving those skills are called self development. 

Benefits of self-development in personal and professional life -

1. Self development paves the way of attaining your goals. 

2. It empowers you to compete adversity in life. 

3. You are able to overcome different kind of obstacles which you come across in different stages of life. 

4. It creates great amount of confidence inside you. 

5. Self development keeps you up to date in the changing world. 

6. It reinvigorates you before getting dejected at some point in life. 

Some of the basic self-development skills -  

1. Communication - Your ability to convey your ideas or thoughts beautifully in front of others help in improving your personality. Conveying your ideas don't confine verbally or writing but ability of visual communication can also impart significantly in  self development. 

2. Learning new things, new ideas - Learning is lifelong process. The more you learn the new things, the more you are be able to make yourself stronger. 

3. Self evaluation -  You will not be able to improve yourself until you assess your weakness and strength. Self evaluation urge you to add which is missing in you so that you improve yourself. 

4. Plan and goal -  No one can move on in life without plan and a clear goal. Making a plan for your future course of action, with having a clear goal ensures that you are serious in your objective. 

5. Proper utilisation of time - Time is the most precious thing in life. If you are able to understand as to how to utilise the time properly, you can definitely emerge winner in your life. Procrastination, lack of punctuality and wasting time will mar your prospect of your self development. Consequently, you can not turn your goal in reality. 

6. Health - Good health is one the basic requirements for pursuing a successful life. You can never imagine improving your personality if you are negligent to your health. 

7. Empathy & problem solving ability- Understanding other's  emotions and tackle them with your wisdom make your path of success easy. Ability to manage people improves your personality. 

8. Developing a positive mindset - Your personal development depends on your mindset. If you are able make up positive mindset, your personality will get positive thereby it will get easy for you to get desired result in your life. 

09. Belief in hard work - It is your hardwork which make your personality worth emulating. you can improve yourself only by working hard. 

10. Creative and innovative - Being creative and innovative approach in accomplishing your task takes you to the threshold of of your desired goal.

11. Motivation and ambition - Many of us are not so ambitious in life. Shortcomings, lack of confidence etc are the main reason of your not being so ambitious. Motivation and getting motivated to become ambitious take you to that level where target in life becomes easy. 

12. Accepting the challenges -  Problems and challenges in life have enough potential to make you demoralise. Accepting challenges opens your eyes and inspires you to overcome the obstacles comes in your way. Accepting the challenges and strive accordingly makes you stronger in pursuit of goal. 

How to develop self- development skills - 

1. Never hesitate putting up your views in front of group of people or jotting down your thoughts on a piece of paper. Showcase your visual images on the plateform where people could give their feedback. You will learn a lot from your mistakes. 

2. Read books and journals or whatever resources available through which you could enrich your intellect. 

3. Write your weakness and strength. Figure out the reason behind your weakness and make strategy accordingly as how to strengthen yourself in the areas you are weak. 

4. Ask for the suggestions and feedback from your teacher, friends and relatives while making plan and the goal for your personal as well as professional matter. 

5. Make routine for your daily study. There should be proper time table of your every action which you are supposed to take everyday. Keep in mind the harm of not getting punctual in your duty. 

6. Think positive, eat healthy is the secret of staying healthy. Keep it up. 

7. Mingle with people, know their views and grievances. Try to sort out their issues if you are  called in to manage them. 

8. Ask yourself as why can't you achieve the things which others can do. Always keep it in your mind  ' Nothing is so difficult that you can't do' 

9. Never run away from problem and challenges rather always be prepared to face them. When you are ready to cope with the problems and challenges,  they will turn you into hard working person. 

10. Don't work just for the sake of working. Rather do the work for the sake of creating something new. Take little of your time on creating something new and it will happen only when you love what you do. 

11. Besides reading inspiring stories  and visualising what you have accomplished so far, one must also enjoy the beauty of nature by observing nature and the nature's creation. 

You can attain self development skills and also improve them through attending training programme, workshop, reading books and blogs, self study, Practicing, discussing with friends, awareness etc. Some of the characteristic and traits are inborn so in that case what you have to do is to just hone them time to time.

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