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Staying healthy is one of the big achievements of life. There is an old saying ' health is wealth'. You can not achieve all in your life without a good health. Health is supposed to be the most important thing in ones life. You can attain lost wealth if you are healthy but if you lost  your health, you would not be able to get what you aspire in your life. It gets essential for all of us to pay attention to our health along with other objectives in life. Infact, whatever you plan in your life is, that is for yourself, your family and the society. Good health also needs same planning, same attention the way you plan for your other areas of life. Good health of a child, young and the old age guarantees of progressive and prosperous society. Hence health gets one of the main priorities of everyone's life besides others factors which contribute in overall personal growth. 

Things which has great impacts on your health is the standard of food.What do you eat? How do you plan your diet? How do you prepare your foods? What are the preference of foods in your breakfast, lunch and dinner? In fact, Staying healthy is not an easy task rather it requires your great attention, hard work, meticulous planning, only then you can maintain good health. Hence when you are able to maintain good health, your rest of the targets in life will get fulfilled easily. 

There is an old saying 'Eat healthy, stay healthy'. Eat healthy denotes that we should take those things in our foods which could make us healthy such as vitamines, proteins, water, fat, carbohydrates and minerals. Infact, a balanced diet is the best diet wherein you can have all such things. Our requirements keep changing with the age and time. Requirement and quantity of foods of child is different from the people who are young similarly an old age person's requirement gets different what they used to take in their younger age. But one thing which is common for all is  good quality food. Quality food is required by everyone in all the ages of life in order to stay healthy and fit. 

Basically food has been divided into three categories.

1.Energy giving food  -: Food items which are made of carbohydrates and fats and have high energy are called energy giving food. Ghee, rice butter, sugar, wheat and potatoes etc give us high energy. 
Energy giving food
2.Body building food -: Food items which help in building and strengthening bones and muscles are called body building food. Beans, egg, cereals milk cheese, fish, meat etc are considered to have enough proteins which contributes immensely in growth of body. 
Body Building Food
3.Protective food :- All types of fruits and vegetables are enumerated in the category of protective food. They protect us from many diseases as these are full of vitamines and minerals which help in fighting against germs which causes of diseases.
Protective Food
Besides healthy foods, we also have to follow a good healthy eating habits in order to stay healthy and fits. 

Healthy eating habits : - Things which are taught in terms of food and health in childhood days are infact foundation of your bodily as well as mental growth. You always need to keep those fundamental things with you while thinking about your health and staying healthy. Following main points which need to bear in mind while we think about staying healthy and fit. 

# First of all, wash your hand properly before and after the meals. 

# Haste makes waste. Your meals goes waste if you gulp down without chewing well. 

# Drink plenty of water. 

# Never eat oily and junk food. 

# Eat your meals at regular intervals. 

# Eat meals when you feel hungry. 

# Eat fresh and lukewarm meals. Don't eat uncovered food. 

# Food items which  need to be avoided -: You also have to be cautious while planning healthy meals for yourself. You need to avoid following items which are supposed to have adverse effect on your health. 

# Enough Sugar and salt

# Alcohol

# Junk food

# Refined food

# Soft drink

# Caffeine

# Oily and fried food etc
Motivational Talk

# Exercise and meditation make you fit and healthy -: Body does not need healthy food only but it needs physical activity too. Physical activity reduces the excess fats and calories from the body thereby protecting us from many diseases such as cardiovascular, lungs problem, obesity, diabetes, arthritis etc. Exercise makes your body stronger. Meditation makes your body relax. Body needs enough rest. Meditation provides many ways by which you can relax your body. 

Conclusion -: Hence if you want to stay healthy and fit you need to incorporate all the ingredients which make your meal balanced and healthy. Staying healthy is one of the big challenges of life given growing uncertainty in every step of life. The meals which have carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamines and minerals are called healthy foods.Hence, balanced diet not only helps in giving energy but also helps in grow your body and protect your body from diseases. Health is the real wealth. If you want to be wealthy, you need to keep yourself healthy.

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