How to keep environment clean

Change is law of natural. No object in world remains unchanged. Shape and size of river, forest, mountain keep changing with the time. Since nature is always changing hence almost all the objects in our surroundings keep changing. Human body is also part of nature so it also does not remain stagnant instead mental and physical growth also gets taking different shapes and postures. Besides the change in nature, evolution and decay is also an integral part of nature. We often witness the things evolving and getting extinct in our surroundings. 

The way nature's behavior such as  storm,volcano, rain, earthquake etc effect the life of nature similarly human's behaviours have always been impacting tremendously in the life of nature. Though we are unable to restrain the nature's behaviour in our surroundings but to large extent we could restrain our own behaviours. Human's cruel behaviour towards nature causes of direct impact on behavioural change of nature which causes of adverse impact on both the life of nature as well as on human too. 

# What is environment -: All the living and non living things in surrounding which influence on  daily life of human being is environment. Air, wind, storm, rain, forest, river etc influence not only the life of nature but being an integral part of nature, human's life also gets effected from them. Nature provides all kind of things for people what they need for themselves. We also create some of the things in our surroundings for our daily use. Man made components also play significant role in formation of bad as well as good environment. Environment effects tremendously in the growth, evolution and decay of human's life. We are ourselves responsible for making environment worthwhile as well as hazardous. 
What is environment
#How does environment influence in human's life -: Human's survival depends entirely on the nature's behaviour. The air we breath comes from nature. The foods which we eat come from natural resources.Nature is the main source of almost all the household things which we generally use in our day today life. Environment in our surroundings through its different ways and forms shape our life and behaviour. As a matter of fact, human's behaviour  jeopardises its own existence on the planet through it's interference in nature's activity. Human's suffering through different kind of diseases and natural disaster can be deemed the consequence of human's own negligence towards nature. All the activities whether its human's own behaviour or nature's behaviour, both more or less influence  on our daily life. 

Health is the most precious thing in life. Staying healthy is one of the big achievements of life given the changing life style and the impacts of environment in our surroundings. It gets necessary to be aware about all those factors which have directly or indirectly  impact on our health.Growing Pollution, unhygienic life style, our apathy towards preserving eco systems have been main cause of concern as they directly effect our health and the safety of life. Change is inevitable. No one can remain young forever. But one thing which we could do is to remain fit and healthy for a longer period of time through self awareness and  the initiatives. Keeping ourselves aware about the importance of good environment in our life can help us making ourselves healthy and fit. 

Periphery of surroundings environment doesn't confine only to air, forest, river, wind, storm etc or dirt which we create and spread in and around of surroundings. Our behaviour towards fellow human beings, our relationship with friends and relatives, stress, anxiety, our etiquette, our ethics etc also come under the  environment since all these exist in our surroundings and influence on our life. Fact of the matter is that our health also get effected tremendously from these elements because such harmful component always keep revolving around ourselves. 

#How to keep environment clean and safe -: We can take several measures in and around us in order to get the environment cleaned and safe. If we are supposed to be responsible of harming the environment, it is we only who could make the surrounding environment clean and safe too through our positive initiatives. There are following basic steps which we need to take in order to make environment clean and safe. 

# Control the pollution- : Growing pollution is the biggest challenge for preserving eco system. We are responsible for what we are facing in form of climate change. We should  take initiatives to stop getting air polluted by controlling the emission of gasses from factories. We should emphasise on organic farming instead of using  chemical and fertilizers in order to make soil fertile. We should control over rampant increase of vehicles which make the air pollute in our surroundings. 

#Limit uses of plastic product -: Toxic ashes of plastic and the chemical which are used in making plastic products harms the environment immensely. 

# Save the water from being contaminated -: We should not contaminate water of river, lake seas etc. Water is the main cause of all types of diseases. We need to keep the water clean and safe from getting it polluted. 

#Grow plants -: Deforestation is the major issue for preservation of eco system. We cut tree for our uses but we hardly plant the tree in the same proportion. As we know that trees absorb harmful gasses from the environment. Hence in absense of  trees, harmful gasses keep revolving  around  in the air which ultimately goes inside our bodies and effect our health. 

In addition to above there also exist some of the following harful components in the environment which directly influence on the life. 

#Make cordial relation with fellow human beings -: Survival of human beings don't depend only on natural environment but our relationship with fellow human beings also effect our life. Polluted environment in form of our vested interest, our greed, our unending desires etc exist in our surroundings which directly effect our way of living as well as our overall health condition. Hence every one of us need to concentrate on these factors too if we want to live in pollution free surroundings. 

#Good behaviour with friends and relatives :- Our behaviours matter a lot in making good environment in surroundings.We can not expect a good environment in surroundings  if we sow the seeds of hatred, animosity and pulling others leg down etc. Trees of hatred, animosity creates suffocation in surroundings. Hence we need to remove these toxic elements from the surroundings which could adversely effect our life. 

#Keep yourself away from environment of anger, stress, anxiety and fear -: Anger, stress, anxiety, fear and all the negative things have harmful effect on human's body. We need to strive hard mutually to remove such things from our surroundings. We can never dream  of a better and healthy life for ourselves in presence of such harmful elements. 

#Demonstration of good etiquette and ethics in surroundings-: A good environment depends on our individual etiquette and ethics. We need to develop an environment of good etiquette and ethics in surroundings and these positive things will develop in and around us from our own collective effort.

Conclusion-: Change is inevitable in nature. Human body is part of nature. Change in human's physics is also inevitable with the time.   Foremost thing of our life is stay healthy. Health is the most precious things of life. Physical and mental growth of person entirely depends on how he keeps himself fit and healthy. Change and decay are reality of nature. Health remains an integral part of life right from birth to decay of body. Though we can not do much to stop decay of physique but we can prolong our life expectancy to great extent by adopting various ways. We can increase life expectancy by keeping environment clean and safe. Safe and clean environment ensures healthy and prosperous life of person. 

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