Basic tips for parenting

# What is parenting -:

Parenting is one of the important phases of a life's journey where parents raise, nurture and take care of their kids right from birth to an adulthood. Parenting is type of responsibility where children are nurtured having facilitated them morale values, disciplines, independency and foremost thing is that they have to be prepared to spend their life independently in the later stages of their life. Infact, whole process of parenting is very challenging job for parents because this is the cornerstone of beginning of journey of child's life.Parents have to take all aspects into account while nurturing their children since on this very foundation, they have to travel rest of their journey of life independently. Hence it gets responsibility of every parents to raise their children in such way that they could enable themselves to take care of themselves. Good parenting helps in not only shaping children's good personality but it also helps in preparing them to become  good parents too. 
    Basic tips for parenting -: 

# Be a good listener like your child-: Children are good listener. They absorb the conversation better than others. Kids concentrate on the talks and activities of the caregiver. Kids are also better observer. Hence, whenever and whatever we speak or do in day to day life, leave great impacts on children. In fact, they memorize contents of conversation and the activities and later on try follow them at their own capacity. Hence, it gets vey important for parents to speak and act cautiously as their views and the actions directly shape the upbringing of children. Secondly,  parents also need to be good listener while conversing with their children so that children's emotions, wishes and grievances could be understood in a better way. 

# Be a role modal for child -: Children emulate and follow what they watch their parents doing. Hence being a parent, you can not inculcate your children to do specific things or in specific way if you don't do the same things yourselves. Never force them to do the things unless you do same things from yourself. Before convincing them to follow  specific things, parents need to show how did they do same things which they have been asked to accomplish.Children are quick learner. They immediately absorb  the things they look in front of themselves. Hence it gets very important for parents to become  role modal of their for their children. 

# Entertain their wishes and give them respect -: Children may be tiny kids before us but they need same respect and esteem from elders the way an old age person expects from young one. Parents should entertain their wishes, their wills and their demands on priority basis. There is saying' Give respect, take respect' we need not to treat them in authoritarian way, instead treat them in cordial manner. Children should be given a sense that their concern, anxiety and problems are genuine and these need to be well taken care of. 

# Be a safe haven for your child-:  No lap is so secure and so protective than the parents. Children may be anxious at times for their safety and security. So, It is patent's duty to assure them that their laps are safe haven for them. An unconditional bonding of safety and security need to be created between the child and the parents. 

#Dont let the child unbridled -: Children must be given liberty but freedom must be confined to a certain limit. There is saying ' spare the rod and spoil the child'. Sometimes, children need to  get admonished and punished. But the level of admonishment and punishment should not at such level that they could spoil the child. 

# Love with a sense of discipline and moral values -: Parents must express their love by kissing , caressing and hugging, But at the same time how to behave properly with friends, siblings, relatives, acquaintances also need to be taught. 

# Covid 19 parenting tips by unicef -:

# Play with children like friends - : Let your children open before you. Play with them like their friends. Create bonding of friend as well as mentor and guatdian.All these would help in shaping their good upbringing as well as children's personal development. 

#Be flexible and encourage the child -: Parents should be flexible while imposing anything upon them. Never suppress their desires  and needs. Let them do what they want to do having apprised them of good and bad about the things. 

Conclusion -: Parents have to play all kinds of role while raising their children. Somewhere they have to become friends, on the other side, they also have to play role of a teacher and counsellor. No one can teach them better than the parents about how to live life. A good upbringing of children depends on good parenting skills. 

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