Types and sources of entertainment

Life is not only about work or spending most of the time on carrying out responsibility and duty. In the hustle bustle of work and life you are unable to give as much time on yourself as your life needs for itself. Mental and physical exhaustion of your body needs sufficient  relaxation and that relaxation you only get from various types of entertainment.
Why is entertainment important

Why is entertainment important? 

1. Entertainment is also one of the essential requirements of life with the other basic requirements, as it removes your mental stress and gives you enough happiness. 

2. Entertainment takes you to it's own world wherein for certain period of time you forget your tension, your anxiety and the pain. It even works as a medicine for the problems such as anxiety and depression. 

3. You feel delighted and tension free when you make yourself happy through entertaining yourself from different available resources.

4. Entertainment rejuvenates  your diminished enthusiasm and even helps in boosting up your moral. It increases productivity and gives enough relaxation from monotonous work. You may engage yourself in those kind of activities which provide you happiness. 

5. Entertainment refreshes you internally and inspires you to take a new start. It inspires you to live the life if you feel dejected and rejected in any point of life. Your outlook towards life gets changed when you are fed up with the constant failure. 

What are the types of entertainment?  There are various types and sources of entertainment which you could use to rejuvenate yourself when you are passing through mental stress and anxiety. 

1. Watch Television - You may enjoy the tv show according to your interest and choice. You may enjoy all kinds of entertaining programmes with your family at your home such as comedy show, drama serials, talk show, musical shows, magic shows, fashion show, wwf, different kind of sports etc. 

2. Watch Movie - Movie is one of the best sources of entertainment. You may experience different kind of enjoyment sitting in big hall watching your  favourite star entertaining you on big screen. Watching movie takes you in a different world which is full of surprise and excitement. 

3. Play your favorite games - You may get enough entertainment by playing your favourite games with your friends. You can share your excitement and zeal while playing with friends. Playing in group is good source of entertainment , it may give you immense happiness. 

4. Visit at tourist places - You may get full of entertainment by visiting tourist places with your friends and family. You may enjoy the greenery, lakes hill, besides various kinds of available source of entertainment there. Watching beauty of nature sitting at top of hill, or walking around greenery and watching valleys are is also good source of entertainment. 

5. Self Cooking - Self cooking is also one of the best sources of pastime. You can get enough entertainment by doing various kinds of experiment inside the kitchen. 

6.Mobile phone and computer -  Mobile phone and computer are also gradually becoming good source of entertainment besides its basic utility. All the entertainment's stuffs which we watch on TV is available on them. You may get  full entertainment through internet having engaged yourself with your friends on various social networking site which may help in  refreshing your mind from exhaustion and stress. 

7. Read the books you like - You may also make yourself happy through reading the books you have interest in. Poetry, novel, comics, stories or jokes book are also  good source of entertainment. 

8.Musical concert and poetic symposium - Musical concert and social gatherings wherein  poets recite their poetries, are also good source of entertainment. You may enjoy your favourite songs and music in musical concert and the favourite poetries in poetic symposium. 

9. Playing video games - Playing video games with  colleagues, friends, and kids is also one of the best ways to get full entertainment. 

10. Kite flying - Kite flying in open place and watching small children flying kite and running after floating kite in air is also one of the best types of entertainment. 

11. Fishing - Catching fish in bank of rivers and ponds and watching people applying various methods to catch fish is also a type of good entertainment. 

12.Festivals, fairs and events - Festivals and events are good type of entertainment as these are not only memorable moments of get together of your near and dear but you even enjoy different kinds of dishes and beverages on these occassion. Enjoying foods at roadside vendor, watching circus, indulging in adventurous sports and  watching magical shows in fairs are full of entertainment.
13.Museum, zoo and amusement park - Visiting these places along with family and friends is a great source of entertainment. You may enjoy full entertainment by seeing sculptures, specimen of ancient art and culture in museum. Watching different kinds of birds and animal with feeling of natural atmosphere is also entertaining moment of life. 

Conclusion - Entertainment is one of the essential and integral parts of life. Life is full of struggle, hardship, stress and anxiety and entertainment is an antidote to all those negative elements which make your life dull and boring. Entertainment in life makes you happy and you begin to love your life. 

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